Always careful with your health, life and health tips
Acces with confidence and learn how to manage with  responsibly and safely the activity of escort, lady companion or independent woman.
We work constantly to develop the platform , and we want to raise a new standard in industry meetings,
This brings benefits both yourself as a user and youself as a model, in many important plans : -Health, money, lifestyle
All this is possible only if you take responsibility of your independent activity and understand the laws of the universe work when you offer "quality time" with people whom you choose to meet.
We provide constant useful advice  yourself and your activities
The only thing you need to do is to follow step by step the official information platform
Please  remember: Escorts are not prostitutes !!! A prostitute require fee for sex!
An escort, lady companion or "independentGIRL" receives the value of money for quality time,that she gives him another adult!
Yes, escorts choose to have massage or sex with their clients, but it may be a coincidence or a choice between two adults who decide jointly.
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Art. - 09. Any person who uses the site, it is mandatory to be major (minimum 18 years old), so having knowledge responsibility laws and by consequence, unable to rely on ignorance or misunderstanding of the obligations incumbent staff and directly in connection with any violation of the legal provisions in force.
Art. - 10. The site can not guarantee (nor does), the operational functions, as well as any other data (text, graphics, photos, videos, etc. related information) contained in its pages will displayed uninterrupted and without errors, and interactive platform with server it serves can have at a time (even for a time extremely short), viruses, routines or software harmful, even if site administrators make every effort to avoid such situations.
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Art. - 12. Note that any transmission of data to and from this Site may be intercepted by third parties malicious, in this respect, confidentiality of your information is not guaranteed.
General clauses regarding use of the Site.
Art. - 13. The site aims to create a virtual space in which users perimeter interested have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas or to find partners for various types of relationships.
Art. - 14. Users of this site can create their personal accounts, and on this basis can display ads in order to identify potential partners.
Art. - 15. Based 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights "adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 September 1948, the site offers users complete freedom in expression and cultivation of personal options manifested in private, including regarding the issue of intimate relationships, as long as they do not involve mediation or committing acts punishable by the law and provided.
Art. - 16. The site is not the employer or attorney of any natural or legal persons present on ads posted on the Website and neither works as agency or call center.
Art. - 17. The site is only a virtual support for posting notices designed, written and posted only by registered users.
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Personal use.
Art. - 28. Personal use is defined as real as that mainly dismemberment (-possession distinct separation of real rights, use and disposal) of property which gives the holder the attributes of possession and use of property owned by another but only within the limits of needs to satisfy himself and his family.
The right holder may only use an individual.
Right of use is purely personal, that the user can not alienate such right or benefit or emoluments.
Art. - 29. Use of the Site for any other purpose than that stipulated by the provisions included in "Terms and Conditions" is strictly prohibited.
Art. - 30. Permission for the use of the Site does not include any right of collection, aggregation, copying, duplication, display or derivative use of its content, and the right to exploit or collect data, to use robots, spideri (a computer program that is able to execute amplified a recursive exploration sophisticated internet) or any other similar data collectors, without the prior written consent of the site administrator.
Limited exception from the prohibition above do internet search engines and non-commercial public archives that use tools for collecting the information solely for the purpose of displaying hyperlinks to the Site.
Unauthorized use.
Art. - 31. Site content is intended for personal use only.
Art. - 32. It is strictly forbidden and punishable by law:
a) .- removing the signs that certifies ownership (copyright) of the Site on a particular content (text, slogans, pictures, graphic schemes, drawings, mixed images, etc.) or parts thereof;
b) .- direct or indirect participation of the amendment / alteration form or content of the Site by any means, and publishing, selling, loan, assignment, donation, transmission or retransmission by any way or means of content in whole or part thereof;
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d) .- modify, translate into any language or reprogramming in any programming language content in whole or part of the Site;
e) .- create derivative works from the content (shape, design concept and ideas, text, slogans, pictures, graphic schemes, drawings, mixed images, databases, interactive platform etc.) belonging to the Site or parts thereof;
f) .- using retro-engineering (the practice of analyzing a finished product to see the manner in which it was designed / manufactured) for any part of the Site, unless they explicitly permitted by Legislation in force;
g) .- selling, offering for sale, or transfer to third parties patent in its entirety or of parts of content (design concept and ideas, text, slogans, pictures, graphic schemes, drawings, mixed images, databases, interactive platform etc. .) belonging to the Site;
h) .- use of any technology, Spyd, automatic devices, specialized software or manual processes for monitoring, data collection, storage or copying information recorded in the site's servers;
i) .- display or transmit through the Site any type of illegal or misleading material having prefigured concrete or suggestion only;
j) .- display or transmission of any information (of any type) or items that contain false or likely to mislead;
k) .- access / use of the Site in any other way than the usual one, which was designed and that the result would adversely affect the performance or functionality of its information systems and networks or related;
l) .- loading, transmission or use of any device, technology or programming routine that keeps itself viruses of any kind, which by their presence might prejudice the proper functioning of the Site or equipment through which it works;
m) .- using the Site you want to display links to other sites, posting or transmission of advertisements or advertising utterances referring to brands, products or services, without the prior written consent of the site administrator;
Art. - 33. Requests to use Content for other purposes than the specific personal use can be sent via the form existing messages in "Contact" page.
Art. - 34. We reserve the right (but have no obligation) to correct, amend, reject, remove, or directly ask you to do so under penalty of suspending the account, any material you post or attempt to make public through the Site, which in our opinion, violates provisions of the "Terms and conditions" has the potential to do harm, to endanger the life or integrity of Handful violates civil rights, defamatory, racist, discriminatory, malevolent or can negatively alter in any way the reputation Site, visitors, members or collaborators.
Art. - 35. In terms of feel that some content on the site infringes your intellectual property rights, privacy rights or other personal or collective rights, please immediately advise, in reference to this aspect by sending an e-mail using the form existing messages in "Contact" page.
Limitation of Liability.
Art. - 36. In the event of any material uploaded by users, partners based on contracts or various other third parties, site maintained by the hosting computer and as such, objectively, can not be responsible for their content or effects that might occur in the public plan.
Art. - 37. Although we strive to identify and remove any information (text, graphics, photographs) ads or comments that would violate the principles of correct information, real and accurate, there is indisputable possibility that certain material (text, graphics, photos , related information etc.), announcement or comment posted by registered users or third parties, do not follow these rules they would like imperatives.
If you notice such situations, please send us your observations strongly email message using the form on the "Contact".
Art. - 38. Both administrators, as well as the entire technical maintenance team undertake to make every effort to continually improve substantially constant and functional parameters and structural capability of the Site meet all your requirements in terms of the availability and speed of transmission information via computer networks, but we can not guarantee and does not do, as our efforts in this direction will rise fully to all demands of our users, because many of the details of the performance issue does not depend on us and we can not decisively influence their positive evolution.
Art. - 39. The exception clauses in the "Terms and Conditions" that specifies conditions or powers expressly incumbent on accountability and legal provisions that compel specific assumption, attempts of the Site shall be relieved of obligations, liabilities or imputations .
Restrictions, changes, impossibilities.
Art. - 40. Site Administrators may change, suspend or discontinue at any time any part of the Site, including the availability and its full functionality, database or computer interface, when there are legal grounds, commercial technical or security that impose such measures.
Art. - 41. You agree that the Site shall not be liable (in any form) to you or to any other third party, to delete their account or restricting access to available services.
Art. - 42. Site Administrators will make known that there may be precisely indefinite duration, when the site becomes inaccessible due to unforeseen technical problems (fortuitous), for maintenance, modernization or other operations necessary to be made for the proper development of the activity.
Exonerate and dispensaries.
Art. - 43. Since site does not actively participate in the exchange of messages or social interactions (occurring as a result of accessing this virtual space) between partners interested in disputes between users, you agree to our harmless from any liability , liability, claim or imputation in this regard.
Final provisions.
Art. - 44. The terms written in "Terms and Conditions" are intended to form the entire and only agreement between your website and on its use.
Art. - 45. Our failure to apply or enforce any term or provision recorded in "Terms and Conditions" will not constitute a waiver or waiver of the remaining obligations stipulated therein.
Art. - 46. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision included in "Terms and Conditions" as inapplicable or unenforceable, that provision shall be treated as such, and the remaining provisions still remain valid.
Please let us know about any violation of the "Terms and Conditions" mentioned above, any malfunction or suggestion that you have considered that could lead to better use of the Site.
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